Family Photography Florida | The Crovos

I had a blast (and quite the adventure) shooting my friends the Crovos a couple weeks ago before I left on vacation.

I went to high school with Shana and we’ve been friends ever since so I’ve been photographing this cute family for a very long time.  I’m anxiously awaiting shooting the senior portraits for her oldest who is still in middle school because I photographed him as a newborn!

I work with so many families with very young children that it actually surprises me how much more creative you can get with the shoot when kids are older (8-15 yrs old stage.)  I thought about this a lot over the past few sessions and here’s the thing – it’s a trade off.  Family portraits might be more work when kids are little and we’re chasing them around dealing with the occasional melt down… but I love those natural moments toddlers offer by the handful!  When your children get a little bigger we have the bonus of ease and added creativity, but those truly candid moments are fewer. Moral of the story: Enjoy every stage of your family and be sure to have every stage captured!

I am so thankful for the privilege of photographing my friends. Thanks Crovo family!