Family Photography Cocoa Beach FL | The Wrights

I photographed the Wright family a couple weeks ago in Cocoa Beach. We had beautiful weather and a great time! You might recognize Harper from her senior photos this past summer. She’s super close to graduating now and her brother is finishing up his year at University of Florida. These guys are from Missouri but were able to all be together at their vacation home here for a couple days over Spring break. I loved the colors! A little cousin tagged along and Harper had a friend with her so you’ll see those cuties in a few shots as well…


AGP14_Wright-4 copy AGP14_Wright-9 copy AGP14_Wright-10 copy AGP14_Wright-16 copy AGP14_Wright-21 copy AGP14_Wright-24 copy AGP14_Wright-29 copy AGP14_Wright-33 copy AGP14_Wright-35 copy AGP14_Wright-37 copy AGP14_Wright-41 copy


Thanks so much to the Wright family for choosing Angel Gray Photography!

Sidenotes: Hmmm I haven’t done side notes in a while have I? March/April has been CRAZY so I’m on a bit of a backlog here on the blog and nearly everywhere! I’m planning to shoot a bit less over the summer to get some down time after a busy Spring so book your session now if you’re thinking Summer – May is completely booked and we only have two sessions left in June!

Also, CYC registration is open for the June dates – grab your spot!