Family Photography Cocoa Beach FL | Mother and Daughters

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a gorgeous session on our amazingly beautiful Cocoa Beach with a stunning family.  Mother daughter beauty, sister love, sundresses, pastels as far as the eye can see… Plus, these young ladies aren’t far from graduating high school so I  felt like I was shooting seniors too – who can ask for more???


AGP14_Devoe-7 copy AGP14_Devoe-11 copy
AGP14_Devoe-17 copy AGP14_Devoe-20 copy

AGP14_Devoe-21 copyAGP14_Devoe-15 copy AGP14_Devoe-23 copy AGP14_Devoe-29 copy AGP14_Devoe-30 copy AGP14_Devoe-31 copy AGP14_Devoe-33 copy

AGP14_Devoe-43 copy AGP14_Devoe-45 copy AGP14_Devoe-50 copy AGP14_Devoe-52 copy AGP14_Devoe-59 copy AGP14_Devoe-66 copy


(Sidenote: I’m pretty sure that when the legs were getting handed out these girls got bonus inches. Jealous!)