Family Photography at Home | Satellite Beach Fl

Well this is what I call overdoingit. I like to cull about 10-15 images for each post here including highlights of the shoot, some variety in types of images, etc. But I loved this session so much that I couldn’t choose just 10 and I think that’s in part because I know and love the family so well but also because we shot at their home (which is my favorite) and the kids had so much fun. I think this is a perfect example of making home part of your family memories – so cheers to overdoingit!

AGP15_Long-8 copy AGP15_Long-9 copy AGP15_Long-12 copy AGP15_Long-14 copy AGP15_Long-25 copy AGP15_Long-29 copy AGP15_Long-30 copy AGP15_Long-34 copy AGP15_Long-40 copy AGP15_Long-57 copy AGP15_Long-65 copy AGP15_Long-73 copy AGP15_Long-89 copy AGP15_Long-97 copy AGP15_Long-99 copy AGP15_Long-101 copy AGP15_Long-103 copy AGP15_Long-106 copy AGP15_Long-111 copy AGP15_Long-117 copy