Family photography at home | Melbourne Florida

You guys know I love sessions at home! These kiddos were so happy just being in their familiar space. I’ve been working with this family for a long time so it was very sweet to capture their sweet baby girl at one year old along with the family portraits. Bonus, the “bored older sibling” shot makes me laugh every time I see it!


AGP16_Em12m_-9 AGP16_Em12m_-13 AGP16_Em12m_-14 AGP16_Em12m_-26 AGP16_Em12m_-27 AGP16_Em12m_-31 AGP16_Em12m_-42 AGP16_Em12m_-48 AGP16_Em12m_-62 AGP16_Em12m_-64 AGP16_Em12m_-66

Mica, I’m not saying that one day you might have a photo like this on her wedding day and that you might then look back on this one and cry happy tears. But it could happen.