St. Augustine Beach Family

Family Photographer | St. Augustine Beach

I’m living up to my promise to myself and getting the blog caught up! Well, mostly caught up, I won’t be able to post every single shoot I’ve left out in the past year or so but I’m going to do my best to cover a bunch of them. For personal reasons, I just like to have a nice archive, like a photography journal for myself, and professionally I want to be able to point YOU to specific sessions when I need examples! So, the L family was photographed on Saint Augustine Beach a while back. This little guy has grown quite a bit since then! Something I LOVE about St. Augustine beaches is how much gorgeous vegetation and even tree cover we have right on the coast! This first shot is on the BOARDWALK you guys! Plus, the beach is nice and big and we always have the prettiest skies – a nice environment for a photographer.

Thanks to the L family for being such fun and beautiful models and oh my gosh I have never (seriously in over TEN years) seen this many facial expressions in one little baby!


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