Family Photographer Satellite Beach FL, The Long Family!

Woo Hoo I’m back on the blog! In the same fashion as holiday season 2010, I had to cut the blog in order to keep the more important boats afloat!  I’ve been editing print orders that were guaranteed by Christmas, preparing galleries for recent shoots, all while photographing more amazing families, babies and weddings! The Christmas season is not the easiest for the Gray family because both Dana’s job and mine become a little nutso. (Shamless plug: don’t forget to stop by GameChanger for all your video game needs this week -tell Dana you’ve got connections!) But, this year we got the tree up earlier than last year, lights on the house (a few, but hey we aren’t the Griswalds) and I even ordered cards (so what if I don’t actually have them yet!) I turned down more sessions than I can count which of course I hate to do but I’m getting better and better at knowing my limits. PLUS we made our shopping list together already and I have two full days this week to shop till I drop kid-free, still leaving days for elementary school parties, baking with my munchkins, hanging out with family, a facial…

Yes I am starting my shopping this week and you know what I have to say about that? Big Deal. Big deal about shopping the week before! Why do we need to shop for 2 months?  That’s more crazy if you ask me.  I’m not suggesting everyone should wait as long as I do because geez that would really stink for me, but I am saying that retailors know that if they convince you to start early you will keep buying more and more (which is okay to do at GameChanger of course.)  I like to just get it done fast and close to Christmas so that I don’t end up getting more than I intended and I don’t spend gobs of time shopping. And seriously, in what other part of your life do the words “last minute” apply to something you are doing 2 weeks before the due date? I hear it advertised though all the time “Need a last minute gift idea? Head on over to….” Ahem, December 15th is not last minute Pottery Barn! So I’m not going to fall for it and get all stressed out, but hopefully I’m also not going to leave 2 bags of gifts at the Target register and then realize it at midnight on Christmas eve.  Check. For. Bags.

But on to the good stuff, I’ve got 14 sessions/events I haven’t shared here yet! I’m excited to get started and the next in chronological order is the Long Family! Hip Hip Hooray because I love the Long fam! Like friends for 2 decades kind of love. Like friends for life kind of love. Like I can drop my kids off at their house when I’m in a bind or text Wendi pictures of their teeth when I get freaked out for some dental reason kind of love. Like I saw Ron at Walgreens tonight and I got all excited about posting their pics to the blog later kind of love. And I should note too that Wendi is Kristi’s sister (Kristi Webb who works for AGP and if you don’t know her yet you better get on it.) Oh and last year, when I caught the blog up after the holidays, I never got Wendi’s family on here! I skipped it because I was so busy and we’re friends so friends get that. But now before I put up 2011, you’ve got to at least see a few from 2010! LOVED their outfits…

A full year later, it is always amazing to see how children change. They aren’t just bigger they are you-er. They’ve revealed just a little bit more of the person they were created to be – like a gift you get to open gradually. So cool. It is the best part of my work being able to follow friends and clients through life, capturing the stuff that matters most. You’ll see through this shoot how much energy the girls have and some sweet quiet moments too.

Wen you’re looking gooood. xoxo

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