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I love referrals. Who doesn’t right? But seriously, I love referrals because referrals mean working with friends of clients, which is really the same as friends of friends which means I will have fun with these people.  Amen to fun. So, the Colbert family referred the Lott and Richard family -and they are all friends.  The Liby family is also friends with the Lotts and the Richards and related to the Colberts. To add to the fun, after shooting the Lott family and delivering their order, I had the privilege of meeting Tara’s sister Jessica and will be shooting her wedding next September. How bout that -love it!!

Because the Libys and Colberts have been clients for a while they told their friends to schedule way ahead for October sessions. Good thinking! I have one December session left on the 8th (which I think could be an engagement session for a certain someone?) and several have already scheduled for Jan-March.

I met the Richard family in downtown Melbourne last week.  They have two cute children and did a great job choosing a color scheme for their outfits – I adored their daughter’s polka dots!  In fact, I went to H&M yesterday, inspired to pick up a fun combo for my kids who I plan to photograph soon.

I hope.

If they’ll let me.

If I don’t pull my hair out.

That’s another story, but I’ll definitely post to facebook an iphone pic of the outfits I put together even if I don’t get them on the kids for a while.  I’m so in love. With my kids and the outfits and the Richard family -just to clarify.

I had to post this one above as a reminder to families everywhere. You might feel the whole session went like THIS, but really it didn’t, it was fine, great even – kids are kids.  And no, your kids are not behaving any differently than all the other kids. We ask a lot of our children during a family session sometimes but I also try to make sure they have some fun so that they will be excited to do it again next time or at least not resistant!  I like to shoot a few of these though because it’s important one day to remember the ups AND the downs of life with preschoolers right?!

so in love with this black and white

oh oh oh and these!

Bella’s up next for her ONE year! Can’t believe it!

P.S.  My power went out while writing this post and I remembered how many times I have ALMOST bought one of those battery packs for the computer. I am definitely going to remember to almost buy one of those again so next time I don’t pay a babysitter while I sit here with no power reorganizing my office! Maybe it just really needed some picking up. There’s a reason for everything right? Besides it never hurts to Elizabeth around. 🙂

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