Family Photographer Melbourne FL } The Marot Family!

I am so excited to share with you the Marot family!

First a little side note… It’s that time of year when Target starts playing holiday music and my to-do list gets to be longer than seems humanly possible. I call it crunch time and I become extra thankful for Kristi Webb and her amazing work with all of you on holiday cards, album design, billing, etc. Since yesterday was the last day for the holiday guarantee the crunch will start to ease up but we will continue to work super hard getting everything done that came in before that time and putting up galleries etc of recent weddings and portrait sessions.  Please bear with me as for this next few weeks workflow gets bogged down a bit. I’m shooting a Thursday wedding tomorrow out at the amazing Bella Collina (yay for Ryan and Andrea!!) and have two previous fall weddings to share here with you soon!  Christiaan is coming up next on the blog and more families, maternity and engagement too!  My personal preference is to just work until it’s all done and THEN start my own holiday shopping etc.  So, I’ll be taking two weeks off over Christmas break with only the exception of one newborn on the way!  Everything else AGP related will stop during that time and resume after the new year.  The calendar is currently booking in February due to such a wonderful volume of interest!  I do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but we are careful not to take more than we can handle while staying true to our dedication to customer service and the client experience.  I’m sure it will get back to normal by February with the calendar booking out more like 4 weeks in advance in comparison to the current 10-12!

I know we are all busy this time of year so my hope for all of us is to really enjoy and soak up the moments in between. The tickle time on the couch with the kids, the cup of morning coffee, the late night show with Dave and maybe even a date night out!  A perfect opportunity for you – the open house at the studio on Dec 2nd from 4-8pm!  Awesome catered hors d’oeuvres and of course wine and cheer and presents for 2011 clients!!  This is also a First Friday night in downtown Eau Gallie so take advantage and soak it in!

Okay so the main event today: The Marots!

I loved this shoot because I’ve known this family a long time and it was our third year in a row shooting family portraits and the location was super special. We shot the session on Merritt Island on a piece of land the Marots own and will be building on in the coming months! How exciting to have these memories on this property, before the transformation, capturing not only this moment but the family’s hopes and plans for the future! I can’t wait to see the progress as the land is cleared and their new beautiful home is built!

Also, being a small business owner myself (actually 2 businesses between my husband and I,) I am always inspired and impressed by the growth of local business. Chris is the COO of Certon in Melbourne, a company specializing in safety systems (software and hardware) for aerospace and other related industries.  I’ve watched the growth in the last few years and recently the business was named in the top 100 most admired by Space Coast Business! Way to go Marot family and thank you for bringing new, excited jobs to our area!

AND… they also have cute kiddos — it doesn’t get much better than that!

Misty and I were talking about how moments like this need to be plastered all over, reminding us of the best part of being a mom, especially when the not-so-best parts might seem a little over-abundant!

all kinds of crazy exotic fruit on the property!

Sleepy head fell asleep in the car on the way over — love the Uggs!

Grandma joined in for a few shots…

Here we walked through the back yard around to a little peninsula on the river which is also a part of the property. They are hoping to build a really awesome Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse here! I’m thinking it needs to be decked out for adults too so I can come to the first treehouse party!

Two words:   HEEBIE.   JEEBIES.

Dear Marot family, may God bless your new home and the land it sits on with years and years of happiness and love!

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