Family Photographer Melbourne Beach | Thal Family!

Well it’s Friday… I love Fridays! I’m working from home right now editing etc. then an afternoon ordering session at the studio then meeting a long time friend and client for an evening session with an 8mth old (my favorite baby age!)  Probably some Friday night fun with the family after that, or maybe a date night? I’m feeling spontaneous — but darn how finding a sitter SO doesn’t mix with flying by the seat of your pants.  Dear babysitters, you should advertise how you are the “call-me-at-the-last-minute-sitter” set yourself apart from the rest with a niche! It’s a life lesson, you’ll thank me later after a successful teenage career (granted with a little less fun with your friends on weekends but olympians don’t get to do that either you know -it’s true.)

Okay so meet the Thal family! I lovvvvved this session, such a sweet boy and a fun happy family! I first met these guys through my Conquer Your Camera workshop which by the way is filling up for September! Woo hoo!

These guys are so twinsies my daughter would say.

This one above makes me want to kiss his face. But that would be so weird if I did so I don’t.

How about this awesome color combo for a beach session? And SUCH a beautiful night right?? Gives me hope after a week of rain rain rain! I’m taking advantage of the next two nights though, the calm before the storm!

Happy Weekend!