Family Photographer Melbourne Beach FL } The Lott Family!

I met the Lott family at Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach and let me tell you how excited I was when these kids got out of the car! How cute are they with their curly hair?! I have straight hair, my parents have straight hair, my kids have straight hair (my husband has no hair) so you know how the grass is always greener… I always offer lots of tips to my clients for preparing for the session and I don’t know if she needed them or not but “mom” did an awesome job dressing the family and staying calm and having fun which always helps the children follow suit! You’ll see what I mean as you browse these images! We’re already busy putting together the design for the 20×20 storyboard the family has ordered for their home and with all this color and these beautiful memories, I’m sure it is going to be fabulous!

We shot traditional family “look-and-smile” portraits as well but these are always my favorite kind – they were the Lotts favorite too, love that!

love. those. pants.

This is too much for me, I want to wallpaper the world with this one. Could she BE ANY CUTER? She loved the camera also so we are totally BFF’s now.

Yes, my daddies and daughters thing… I can’t help it. I’m drawn to these images over and over again!

This one above was actually the family favorite yesterday followed closely by the one just below. LOVE that. Why? because these are images that will remind them years and years from now of how it felt to be a family with small children. The joy, the crazy, the sweetness-you-can-hardly-bear-it-is-so-wonderful.

love his dirty feet. love how she brought her hand around him to love on him. and they actually do this spontaneously which is pretty cool seeing as my kinds are in this stage of spontaneous fighting which is not nearly as cool.

look at that face. I think he’s pretty happy.

I loved this of mom and dad because as we tried to squeeze in a few moments of “couple time” at the end of the session, the kids were seriously burrowing into their legs as I shot with them outside the frame. Hilarious. Life with small kids is incredibly romantic!

Next up newborn Oliver and yes he IS as scrumptious as he sounds… And I swear I am getting a newsletter out soon regarding a gazillion exciting updates (or at least 10) as well as the most popular information about how you can reserve your spot in the next workshop!  I have only 9 spots available and have had many many inquiries so I am letting people reserve spots earlier this time with a non-refundable deposit. But not until the newsletter is released – it’s the most fair I can make it by offering a ready, set, GO situation. And, I have to admit it’s really fun and dramatic and I need some fun drama in my life.

P.P.S…. only 2 sessions left within the holiday guarantee time frame and they’ve been offered to the last few inquiries so they might be gone by the time you read this! If you book after that time, you will not have the guarantee but can still plan for gifts such as empty frames with a note inside reading “The most awesome picture will go in here really soon.” You know, that kind of thing. We also have a list of people who might like an earlier session if there happens to be a cancellation. Now if only we can get the cooler weather we’ll be all set!

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