Family Photographer Indian Harbour Beach FL | Wilgus Family!

Super excited to share these highlights today from a session I shot before the holidays with friends who I’ve known forever! Mike and I actually went to school together K-12. He was quite the little tough guy back in elementary!  (I remember we butted heads a bit since we were both so tough – you know, as much as two short, blonde beach kids can possibly be.) Of course there are plenty of fun memories since then but the best part is that our children are now in school together – the SAME school Mike and I attended. In fact, last year 2 of our kids had the same first grade teacher we had! It’s quite fun/bizarre/hilarious to see these little mini me’s hanging out together. Having gotten to know Blair more recently in the past few years she’s as down to earth and true as a person gets -and an AMAZING mom.  She helped with my kids during the summer when I needed it and was such a blessing to them (and me.)

In addition to the history, I’m totally blown away by how sweet this family is. These guys are so affectionate and loving to each other. I guess as a mom I expect to see that between mothers and children but I’m always extra impressed when a dad has that connection with his kiddos -and even more so to see it between father and son. Throw in siblings who don’t mind hugging each other (in fact I think they like it) and a husband and wife who are obviously in love and you’ve pretty much got a modern day miracle.

We had to reschedule this session more times that I can count due to bumps on the head, weather, dog bites, work schedules and who knows what else…. but it was worth the wait.


Thanks to the Wilgus family for choosing Angel Gray Photography!

Oh my gosh only two more entries and I might be caught up to 2013 – Happy Friday!