Family Beach Photos | Melbourne Beach Fl

I met this cute family out on the beach for a beautiful sunset photography session recently. I loved the beachy florida colors they wore and how the sunlight gave the images that warm glow. It’s such a gift to watch and capture a family as it grows through life. I’ve enjoyed the last couple years with this family and now looking forward to another baby on the way!


AGP14_LayneFam-9 copy AGP14_LayneFam-12 copy AGP14_LayneFam-17 copy AGP14_LayneFam-21 copy AGP14_LayneFam-25 copy AGP14_LayneFam-29 copy AGP14_LayneFam-38 copy AGP14_LayneFam-40 copy AGP14_LayneFam-51 copy AGP14_LayneFam-53 copy AGP14_LayneFam-65 copy AGP14_LayneFam-66 copy AGP14_LayneFam-73 copy