Family Beach Photography | The Ownbeys!

I first met the littlest one in this family for her six month session in the studio.  She’s such a sweet little baby doll so of course I was looking forward to meeting her dad and big sister too – for the family session at the beach.

We got together a couple weeks ago. We had a weather postponement earlier that week so ended up shooting the night before my vacation started. Which worked out great except I haven’t had the chance to get their blog entry up until now! We met for the ordering session a few days after I returned but most of last week is a blur to me after that! Vacation was WONDERFUL but totally threw a wrench in things, just trying to play catch up while also getting kids ready for back to school, hosting my mom’s birthday party, shooting a few sessions, preparing the Opening Night for Jonathan and Ruth’s wedding and launching the awesome senior contest we’ve been talking about for months! In the meantime, I ran out of gas one day (I know, who does that right? I thought I was 16 again when my dad actually asked me if I needed money for gas. No Dad, I need TIME for gas, 5 minutes to be exact, got any of those in your pocket?)  The very next morning my battery was dead when I went to leave for a meeting at the studio because I had an interior light on all night! Seriously, I’m just hoping to start fresh this week. Praying for peace of mind while I work some overtime catching up on everything. Oh and school starts on Wednesday so my prayers are already being answered!

Back to the Ownbey family, they were adorable. The sisters are so kind to each other and the love was abundant.


Sweet right?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

I love that life has seasons, in every way. I love how much fun it is to have less routine during the summer and then how nice it is to get the routine back when school starts! Cheers to a great year for our kids!