Family beach photographer Florida

I had the pleasure of working with this family on the beach for their family portraits. This time of year is the best for family sessions if you ask me! (You did ask, didn’t you?) I know most people want to schedule it in the fall but lets be honest Florida – Fall eludes us. It appears here and there between November and January. And by “appears” I mean the temperature drops below 80 a few times and if we zone out on 95 heading over to Viera and accidentally drive six hours north we’ll see some pretty leaves. Oh but darn-it that’s Georgia so no points for FL. In Florida it’s pretty much just rainy, windy season. Spring gets my vote! Weddings on the other hand I love in the fall, go figure. Must have something to do with the color palette.  Anyhoo, adored this family session. You can see the love of this family and the quality time they cherished together here.



Such Good Times.

Sidenotes: I’ve been working on location and in the studio for the past two days. Today I shot the Second Look event at the UCF College of Medicine! Love working there, it is one of the very few commercial shoots I take each year. Always a pleasure and really there’s just something special about being around people embarking on a big life goal/achievement. It’s special.  And special is good.

After answering a few emails tonight (yes I am a wild and crazy girl on my Fridays,) I realized I only have three available sessions between now and the end of June. I’m not sure how that happened but it did and I’m grateful to all the support out there for AGP! I feel bad not having more dates to offer but it’s important I stick to a quota for sessions and events each month that I can sustain and provide superior service for. I do offer a waiting list for people who might like to be notified of openings in the calendar (which does happen!)

Lastly, but most exclamation point-y… CONQUER YOUR CAMERA WEEKEND STARTS TOMORROW IN THE STUDIO!! Can’t wait to meet April’s class!