Family and Child Photography Merritt Island | Brady is ONE!

I remember back in 2006 when our family made the decision to relocate to Melbourne FL from Clearwater.  At the time it was my husband’s position with Young Life that brought us here and although I was excited for the next adventure I was not exactly thrilled with returning “home.”  Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my family and friends and Satellite Beach where I grew up, just had not pictured moving back and have always enjoyed new places. Now over six years later I can say for sure that I wouldn’t change a thing. I love being back in the town I grew up in, surrounded by so many familiar faces. Plus, how cool is it that my kids are attending schools I went to, even having some of the same teachers!! Yeah, that’s because I am SUPER young.

So -help I’m in a nutshell, I’m really glad we moved back! We live right around the corner from my parents now, just a half mile from the ocean and I “work” with tons of families that I share a common thread with. Pretty awesome.

I mention this in Brady’s blog entry because I thought these were new clients, a referral from Oliver’s sweet family. And they are, except come to find out that Brady’s mom and I were at Windy Gap together in high school and have lots of common connections after both growing up here in Satellite. I love that and how fun to learn it along the way while getting to know a “new” family.

So, Brady and his mom and dad live in Manhattan but were “home” for a visit.  I shot the family and first birthday portraits on Merritt Island – I love mossy trees!  Brady is an energetic, adorable toddler – he might be a city boy but for this shoot it was all bare feet and cake smashing!

If you follow the Facebook page, you might remember this one above, a favorite…

Thanks Brady and fam! Hope you have a great trip back to the city!

Up next, a sweet engagement…  Also, we are currently booking in October – the holiday info was posted last week so take a look if you haven’t seen it yet!