Family and baby photography | Finn is ONE!

Another baby plan graduate last week – Finn is one!  This little guy was quite a big newborn, but even at 10lbs he was tiny in comparison to the toddler he is now -and his personality tops it all!

It was so much fun to watch Finn exploring this new walking thing, testing the waters with all his new skills. I think as moms we simultaneously treasure the dependence of our babies/children and celebrate each step of independence they take.  Just at the moment we realize how proud we are or how excited at a new accomplishment we get that little (or sometimes big) twinge of pain – the loss of a little bit more “baby” in exchange for “toddler” or “kindergartner.” I can’t keep that list going or I might just need a tissue; tell me I’m not alone here! Seriously, my husband and I have babied the baby of our family like crazy! I’m not so sure how I’ll feel about three totally independent children! Wait a minute, is that a date night with no babysitter I see in my future? Kids who pack their own bags for vacation? Do their own LAUNDRY??? See it’s crazy, we can’t help it. I suppose that’s what will be so cool about being a grandparent.

So I rambled a bit this morning but the gist is this: I get to photograph these beautiful landmarks in life and you get to treasure the images not just now but several landmarks down the road. It’s a good thing… Here’s to watching our little ones spread their wings.


Thanks to Finnegan and his sweet family for sharing the first year with me!