Extended Family Portrait | Satellite Beach

I’ve known Holly since middle school. I can remember riding bikes to each other’s houses, all the awkward middle school social drama and lots of hairspray. To hold up the bangs of course.

So it’s been fun to reconnect with her lately (we’re neighbors!) She’s always helping me with cooking advice – she even coordinates cooking days where a few of us get together at her house to make like 10 freezer ready dinners in just a few hours. It’s pretty impressive that she even knows where to start with all that, the recipes, groceries… Thank God there are people with this talent!

I was happy to schedule her extended family photos a couple weeks ago while her sister was in town and the whole family would be together. We used Holly’s parent’s house which was gorgeous and always a favorite of mine to capture memories at home so it worked out perfect. I’m so impressed by any family with more than 5 people involved who can agree on a date for pictures, coordinating clothing, location, etc. Getting my own extended family to do this has proven impossible – but that’s probably because I’m the photographer and they don’t want to be bossed around by their sister/daughter/photographer…

We had some fun at the end with the girls jumping in the pool – good times!


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