Extended Family Portrait Satellite Beach FL | Ciminos!

The grass is always greener. Sometimes growing up in the same small town from birth to high school graduation you might feel like you don’t have much of a story to tell. You know, compared to the kids who moved here from NY and spent a few years in Germany, etc. Yet despite feeling this way sometimes as a kid/teenager, I can say without a doubt that I see lots of green grass on this side of the fence now (and the warm sand doesn’t hurt either.)

I grew up in Satellite Beach in the same house my parents still live in. I had the opportunity for my town to really be my town. Recognizing faces everywhere you go, friendships more like family and the kind of permanence that grows deep beneath you. I see this now and appreciate it more than ever. Sure, maybe it meant being unable to live down some of the more challenging days of my childhood and slightly crazy times of my youth but that just keeps it real right? I moved away for college (go Saints) and a few moves + ten years later found myself right back here. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be back. Not that I didn’t love this town but just felt like maybe once I came back I’d be stuck.

We’ve been “back” going on 7 years now and not only do we plan to stay but we’ve opened two businesses that most certainly have us firmly planted- and loving it! I treasure my small town and I love raising children here.  Bonus… since my job allows me the opportunity to photograph people, I sometimes get to introduce you to these friends who are like family. The ones who remind me of who I am and of how green the grass really is.

I photographed the Cimino Family after Christmas in their backyard. I love these guys and girls! Joe and Susie are old and close friends (high school sweethearts btw… actually middle school) Niki was a cheerleader on a little team I coached for the city when I was young and they were younger… and Ashley is engaged now but was the baby back then! Mr. and Mrs. Cimino always make you feel at home and are always encouraging me like my own parents would do. I don’t think I ever run into them without getting a big hug.

The Ciminos wanted to have some portraits of various parts of their family but especially the whole…


I had a lot of fun with the sisters!

Thanks Cimino family for your friendship and for trusting me with your family photography!