Extended Family Photography | Satellite Beach FL

I think I confessed recently that there was a time, years ago, that I didn’t enjoy extended family sessions very much. I might have definitely avoided them. I think it was for two reasons. First, the flow is different than a shoot with one family. We spend more time on posed groups and less time on individuals, candid/creative time, etc. Second, the experience can bring to mind that 30 minutes between a wedding ceremony and reception which, at a wedding, is often a rushed period of time and a little stressful for the photographers gathering people. However (!) I have learned something wonderful since those negative nancy days. I realize now that I have such a PRIVILEGE in this time to capture family memories that will truly last for generations. These are heirloom photographs that children will point at on the wall one day and ask mom or dad, “Is that baby really you?” or, “Is that where you lived growing up?” These photos might be a little more traditional, and the experience might include a little more arranging of people in groups, BUT there’s no rush and I don’t even have to go looking for the missing people who wandered off to the reception. I get to spend time with a beautiful family and provide them with something they will treasure.

Sound wonderful? It is.

Many thanks to such a great family for allowing me this opportunity…

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