Downtown Melbourne Family Photography } The Webb Family!

Well well well… I have a bit of a blog traffic jam going on over here!  Client orders and things like that come first and some times completely take over but I have four sessions all set to share with you, plus 2 weddings I shot in the last few weeks plus two high school seniors from this week that will be up here later on! Not to mention I will be posting the latest info for the next Conquer Your Camera Workshop and the release of the Family Legacy Project – my creative brainchild a year in the works!  Such good times, I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love and work with such awesome people.  Speaking of people I work with, this entry will feature the Webb family! Hopefully you will recognize Kristi, the most amazing new addition to AGP in 2011.  (Okay the only addition but seriously she is A-MAZE-INGGGGG.)  Many of you have had the pleasure of working with her on the custom graphic design involved in your order, be it your greeting cards, announcements or your album. She actually does much much more for AGP than that and I am STILL trying to come up with a good title so C’MON PEOPLE HELP ME OUT HERE. (There is this nifty comments section below.)  Kristi has somehow mastered her left AND right brain which is really great because although I thought I could operate in both, my ENTIRE brain shuts down at the mere mention of anything involving accounting. Ask Kristi, my eyes literally glaze over and I check out completely. Quickbooks = knock knock anyone home?  I know you’ll be getting to know Kristi more and more through your interactions with AGP and even here on the blog as you will start to see her posting as well.  For now, meet her super cool family! Her husband Andy works for element (view element’s summer line for women here because it’s really great.)

This is the real thing… unprompted personality – love it!   And less face it, little girls are going to steal the show- every time.


Now there’s some blue steel.

Love this family pic, Delaney is graduating so you’re going to see her back here in her own entry!

I can’t help it, this is my favorite… SO classic.

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