Cocoa Beach Florida | Family Photography

I met the Roppa family for a fun beach session a couple weeks ago and just could not get over what a beautiful night it was and how gorgeous these children are!! Three littles all under six years old is a challenge for a family portrait but is also the most fun. I loved watching them play in the water at the end,  capturing those moments of such total happiness. I photographed the littlest through the baby plan and had not seen her since her 12m session, a year ago. Could. not. believe.. how much she has grown and all this curly hair now – love!


AGP14_Roppa-2 copy AGP14_Roppa-6 copy AGP14_Roppa-12 copy AGP14_Roppa-13 copy AGP14_Roppa-19 copy AGP14_Roppa-22 copy AGP14_Roppa-24 copy AGP14_Roppa-36 copy AGP14_Roppa-39 copy AGP14_Roppa-44 copy AGP14_Roppa-45 copy AGP14_Roppa-47 copy AGP14_Roppa-56 copy AGP14_Roppa-62 copy AGP14_Roppa-64 copy AGP14_Roppa-72 copy


I truly look forward to seeing these kiddos grow through the years!!