Children Photographer Melbourne Beach | Sweet Hadassah!

Oh my gosh I’ve been excited to share this post. This sweet girl is just captivating and of course one of my favorite things is to have a bunch of time to focus on one child – it’s like having my cake and eating it too. Throw in the curly hair and buckets of personality and I’m pretty much in heaven. I loved how mom brought along her favorite flower and yes there is an ode to Publix at the end – after all this is the one-year shoot! (I’ll explain later)

Hadassah wrapped up her baby plan at the beach with a grand finale…


Look at Hadassah’s 8 month session

Look at Hadassah’s 4 month session

And as for the Publix balloon, dad was stopping at the store on his way over for a pink balloon because our first one blew away (seriously, balloons ALWAYS fly away) and instead of finding the balloons in the bakery he found the publix ones! hahahahaha raise your hand if your husband would do that too. Disclaimer: he tried his best in a hurry- what a great guy. 🙂