Child Photography Cocoa Florida } Sweet Sweet Sasha!

I LOVE this little girl! I hadn’t seen Sasha since her one year session over a year ago; I was so excited to see how she’d grown and to photograph her again of course. She was just as jolly and fun as ever, and beyond beautiful. I mean seriously beyond! If her parents move away (as they’ve mentioned might happen) they will HAVE to come back here for me or else I’ll go into Sasha withdrawals.  Plus random side note, her mom has this awesome voice/accent.  I was thinking how she should be on the radio and then about how no one listens to the radio so she should be on the GPS! She also did a great job with clothing choices, love the colors.

Here we go… okay wait I have to put my super favorite at the top and one of the shots from her session a year ago… how can kids grow this fast?!

Okay and back to this year…

A little taste of what it’s like photographing a 2 year old. But I love it!

Love these family shots!


Sasha, you are AMAZING.  Today while I met with your mommy she couldn’t stop talking about how much she adores you!


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