Brevard Child Photographer } Parker turns 1 and smashes some cake!

Although Parker’s mom participated in one of my workshops last year, I hadn’t seen Parker since his newborn session! He and his family live in Orlando so it’s not quite as easy for them to make it over for a session but I’m soooo glad they did and that we had beautiful weather! I’m not going to lie, the weather is driving me nuts lately but it’s a love-hate relationship as I’ve mentioned before.  So, this little guy is going to make you wish it was YOUR first birthday all over again! If you put “birthday” in the search box you’ll find other sessions with a smash cake I’ve done before. This time I wanted to try a wooden highchair against the backdrop of the dunes, balloons, etc.  I gave a shout out to my Facebook friends looking to borrow one and although I didn’t find just what I was looking for that way, one of my good friends and clients, Misty, sent me a text telling me to take a look at the shop on the corner near my studio.  She had seen one out front while she was driving by and oh yes, it was love at first site.  I was on my way to shoot a wedding  so I snatched it up fast and I love it so much – thanks Misty!  I should totally have another baby so I can use it all the time. Or I should be committed for even saying that out loud.

Just look at this sweet boy…

It is a good and right thing for children to get dirty during their photo shoot! Did you know baby powder works wonders on getting the sand off? We weren’t too concerned though since this was really just the tip of the iceberg as far as mess goes!

Parker was just a little excited.


side notes:

Even though my Friday nights are usually wayyy more exciting (ahem,) I’m getting things done late tonight because I need to get my act together tomorrow for our little mini family vacay to the Nick Hotel! I cringe a tiny bit every time I say Nick Hotel and then I remember how much my kids will love me and that will be cool. The green slime is a small price to pay. Actually there is a much larger price to pay. Now that I think of it there should be a discount for every time you have to deal with green slime.  Well, vacations typically mean lots of extra work before and after but it’s worth it!

An update on Conquer Your Camera for January: it’s full! Kristi said she is waiting on only one more deposit to be sure but it appears to be full. So, here’s the deal, if you are interested in the course go ahead with the same registration process described at the bottom of this post.  EXCEPT, when you post to the AGP Facebook wall just say that you want to be on the waiting list for this or the next workshop. You can skip the post to your own page (and the deposit) until you figure out if you have a spot or not. But don’t forget to contact Kristi or we won’t have your info to contact you! We are either going to offer another workshop sooner than we originally planned (like February) due to the high demand, or we’ll continue with the original plan for offering the next class in April/May. Either way there are plenty of reasons for getting on the waiting list:

1. You might get a spot in the January workshop if anyone has a change of plans.

2. You will receive first dibs on the next workshop – a one day head start on registration.

3. If we have enough people we’ll offer the next workshop earlier.


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