Beach Family Photography } The Cress Family!

I met the Cress Family at the beach last week for a family portrait session.  The twin boys were so adorable and soooo sweet with their baby brother! We had beautiful skies and a little wind but that’s just how it goes at the beach a lot of times. I really like the way the wind creates a sense of atmosphere in beach portraits. I do sometimes recommend rescheduling if the winds are over 15mph. At that point it gets to be a bit too much!

How cute is this little guy?!

love it

This image has a soft focus. Since I’m kind of a nut about sharp focus, soft focus can make me crazy EXCEPT when it is just enough to help you FEEL the motion. So, I love this one.

A big welcome to the Cress family who relocated back to the area recently. I was thinking today how I should have a list of all the businesses, shops, restaurants and service providers represented by AGP clients! There are so many and it would be fun to spread the word that way to each other and especially for people moving here or moving back here after a while.  Having a personal reference is so important sometimes, especially walking into an auto repair or a hairdresser, accountant, etc.! Maybe I should just put the post up right here on the blog for easy reference!

Latest news on bookings is that 2011 is almost full or actually might be full already by the time you read this. It is so weird to say that we are booked through December!  Although I consider it a blessing I also dread the thought of all the inquiries between now and then that I will have to say that to. But, I am so proud of all the new and old clients who planned ahead and got on the calendar as far back as August planning for holiday sessions.  And the clients who already have their orders and cards printed – a special high five to you!  If you have not booked yet or have a session later in the year, be sure to read the FAQ post regarding the holiday guarantee and know that you do still have options for gift giving!

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