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I mentioned the Colbert family a few times this week during other posts like the Glover Family and The Richard Family. It’s fun how so many of my clients lately are all intertwined, makes it feel like one big Angel Gray Photography family! Speaking of which remember Kristi is compiling a list of all AGP clients who would like to be included in a directory we’re putting up on the blog soon for local businesses and services representing our current clients! If you own or run a business like this and would like to be added, just email! It’s fun to be able to recommend so many people we know personally.

So I’ve been photographing the Colbert family now since before little Alex came into the picture. They are wonderful friends and clients with three awesome, cute and preppy little boys!  Nicole works with her family business (William Glover Inc.) doing accounting and Chad is a great financial planner located in Viera.  Nicole has come to the rescue for AGP a few times, helping Kristi when we set up Quickbooks and navigating sales tax with us as well. Thank goodness for her and Kristi because seriously, taxes are so annoying and I can’t even bear to deal with it for more than ten minutes before my eyes glaze over and I’m lost somewhere far far away from all the numbers.

You’ll recognize little Alex from his baby plan this year! Poor guy, in typical third child fashion, the cupcake we were going to use for the session tipped over not once, but twice on their way there. It didn’t work out but we still wish little Alex happy birthday!! See how he’s grown!..

Alex Newborn

Alex 4 months

Alex 8months

Our Session last week including the whole family!

my favorite above

my other other favorite

Sweet Alex I am going to miss seeing you so often! Wish I could hang onto baby time but looking forward to seeing you grow up big with your brothers too!

Cute couple right!

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