Baby and Child Photography Melbourne FL | Nadija and Maple!

I’ve been able to shoot sessions lately with some good friends.  Today I get to share highlights of my session with Nadija and Maple – adorable sisters!  It was really so much fun for a few reasons…

1. I love these little ladies -double bonus they are super cute.

2. I love getting the opportunity to focus on children during a shoot.

3. I love babies who sit up but don’t crawl yet. It’s selfish but I can’t help but enjoy that captive audience!

3. I love Nadija’s age too! What a fun time in a girl’s life and Nadija is such a great big sister. You should see the pics where Maple is pulling Nad’s hair – she just smiled right through it! She brought her own creativity to the session too. Such a change from years ago when we had to beg her to let me shoot! So fun to see Nadija growing up -how beautiful is she right?

4. Did I mention how much I love Erika and Mark? They’re waiting to do family next time so no pics here, but I could go on forever with stories from the days Erika and I lived just a few blocks away. From elementary school sleepovers, to really terrible middle school hair-do’s, crazy high school days and I even had the opportunity to photograph her and Mark’s wedding day. It’s an amazing gift to share so much with a friend and I’m blessed with several friends like this who all still hang out together! Good times.