Engagement Photography Satellite Beach FL } Jonathan and Ruth!

Jonathan and Ruth have known each other for ten years and have been dating for the last two.  She’s a sonographer and he’s a dentist. Actually he’s my dentist. Actually he joined Ruth’s dad’s practice. I remember when I heard there was someone new and I saw that it was a young guy and my mind started scrolling through all my young single friends… If I had known Ruth at the time I’m sure I would have stopped on her.  They are so cute together!  Yes Jonathan joined a dental practice with Ruth’s dad and now he is becoming a son-in-law as well. (Insert witty comment here about his dedication, etc. Tons of options really.) The bottom line though is that Jonathan loves Ruth. He took her to North Carolina to propose to her at a waterfall, then had the whole family there for dinner afterward as a surprise. Good thing she said yes!

Side note, have I ever talked about my dentist issues here?  Not the actual dentist (it’s not you Jonathan) but the whole going-to-the-dentist-thing. It’s not the hygienist either btw. She is wonderful, gentle and totally puts up with me (must have lost the coin toss.) Let’s just say I’m fairly tough usually, yet at the dentist I turn into a child who cries like a baby the second something hurts (or really as soon as I think something is going to hurt or if the words: hurt, drill, cavity, shot, or can-you-feel-that, are mentioned at all. Also it is all OVER if someone gives me their hand to hold.) Valium didn’t even stop my boo hoo-ing last time. And really, throughout my history of dental offices (in other towns I’ve lived, etc.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Well we can give her more novacaine and see how she does.”  I think they could give me enough novacaine to numb an elephant holding a tank and I’d still feel it.  Of course this only happens when I need a filling or God forbid a crown (please Lord no more of those- promise?) Aside from the ISH- shoes I’m wearing, I do love my dentist office and I’ll be staying there as long as they will keep me. My kids love it too! Like they LOVE going to the dentist! Crazy right?

So, it’s interesting to be working with Jonathan and Ruth as their wedding photographer. They know my secret. I’m a big baby- the end. They don’t seem to mind I guess because they are so cute and in love.  We started at the gardens and finished up at the beach for their engagement session. Watch for their beautiful wedding in July!

Ruth I love it! rawrrr


I have a few favorites, but this one above tops the list.

Beautiful right!?

See you guys in July and hopefully a few times between now and then!  (Preferably outside the dentist office where I can pretend to be a normal person.)

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