Engagement Photography on the Banana River | Tishia and Nick

Tishia and Nick will be married this Spring!  It was time for some engagement photography so we met with their boat docked off Tropical Trail for a sweet session. Before getting out on the river we spent some time in the surrounding areas with their two furry “babies.” Such a gorgeous night and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little jealous of this fabulous fishing boat and oh my gosh what do you catch with that reel??? I’m just going to assume sea monsters and leave it at that.

Tishia and Nick love the outdoors, are both serious soccer players and met just a week before college. Nick was headed to UCF too and so their relationship began. Check out this proposal guys. He chartered a boat on their four year anniversary and headed out to Indian Key. Giving Tishia a map of the island she was lead on a hunt eventually leading to a love letter. When she turned around he was already down on his knee. Ah romance. It lives!

Tishia and Nick thanks for the fun shoo; I hope these images will be a treasure for you always. Looking forward to this April!


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