Beach Engagement Photography } Ryan and Lauren!

Ryan and Lauren are tying the knot this November at the Brevard Zoo. The venue is fun and unique, just like Lauren and Ryan and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding! When I met Lauren in the studio for the first time I was so intrigued by hers and Ryan’s job.  They both specialize in digital mapping. This is the type of thing that brings us Google Earth, GPS and even helps law enforcement stop drug trafficking.  Their jobs bring them all over the world to work which is great since they both really love travel.  They actually met in Hawaii when Ryan was brought in to replace Lauren before she moved!  How cute is that right?  They also love their dogs and they are really great at having fun together.

I loved all of these above, couldn’t narrow it down!

I mentioned something to Lauren about bringing some old fashioned maps (you know the paper kind) to the engagement session and she told me that whenever they go on a road trip she refuses to use the GPS and relies on regular maps “just for fun.”   Love it!  (And very much love this chalk board/magnet version of a travel log…)

p.s. my mom does the paper map thing too except it’s not fun at all. I think she and my dad almost divorced on our last road trip thanks to the map vs. the GPS.  It was as though no one had ever traveled to Ohio before and they had to figure out every possible option before making any decisions.  Yes I took a road trip last summer involving both my parents myself and my then 2 year old.  Considered jumping from the moving vehicle.

a favorite

love this one too, Lauren and Ryan it was a pleasure!!

Side note: 2 weddings to share with you this week plus portrait sessions and the Conquer Your Camera workshop is coming soon (congrats to Litsa- big winner on facebook today!) There’s still a few open seats (first come first serve) and I’m loving summer are you?! OH and I tried this ice cream

at the grocery store and that was a big mistake. It should cost much more or contain terribly harmful ingredients so I wouldn’t buy it again.

But it’s only 4 dollars and publix is all too accessible. shoot. Do you have a favorite flavor?

C’mon, speak up, you can do it, comments below!

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