Alicia and Sam… engagement and more!

Alicia and Sam’s engagement session was last month, it was an absolutely beautiful day!  The wedding is less than a month away now!  Their daughter Charlotte joined us for the session so we could mix in some family time and I am just in love with her.  You will be too!

If you’ve had a photography session with your toddler you know this is how it goes.  But how cute is she?  She can do whatever she wants, run away, turn upside down, she just gets cuter!

my favorite, above

The Casa Feliz wedding is up next!  And several famlies and the awesome Trash the Dress with Noel and Matthew…. Oh and I want to show you something from Theresa and Joe’s fine art maternity shoot but first I need to figure out which ones I can post here… So much good stuff! Holidays are crrrrazy so I’m trying to take it one day a time!

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