Engagement Photography Cocoa Village } John and Kelly!

I’ve known John and Kelly for a really long time.  John’s been close friends with my little brother for as long as I can remember. He’s really been a part of our family, hanging out at the Simpson home for many exciting birthday parties, various holidays, etc. He’s helped Devon help me move (at least three times?) visited me in the hospital when Davis was born and was with us in NC for my older brother’s wedding a few years ago. So yeah, he’s one of us. Poor guy. When I started seeing Kelly at my parent’s house more often I knew she and John were getting serious! It has been fun getting to know them as a couple and I was super honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. Most of the time when your family/friends give you a compliment you just assume they would say that no matter what. But when John and Kelly said they felt no one could do a better job capturing their day I got the feeling they actually meant it, like they might be basing their opinion on more than just undying love for my sparkling personality. That was pretty cool. Thanks guys.

We met for the engagement session in Cocoa Village, surrounded by beautiful light. John has a silly side which you can’t miss here but he also has a sweet side – equally as evident. I loved that we finished our shoot at the Dog & Bone Pub. I always enjoy something different; it was great creating some nostalgic and moody images there!

My favorite above

John and Kelly I can’t wait for your December wedding!