CYC Alumni Challenge | Congratulations Jason Greto

Last month we were happy to announce our first ever CYC Alumni Challenge! In this challenge, designed especially for Conquer Your Camera participants so they could get some practice, be creative and learn from each other, we asked alumni to submit an image from “the great outdoors” and then we asked AGP friends to vote on their favorite. (Be sure to check out the all the entries and voting!)

Today, we’re so excited to announce that Jason Greto received the most votes! Please read below about Jason, his photo and how he captured such beauty!



Hello my name is Jason and I am from Satellite Beach, but now living in Fort Lauderdale.  I currently have an 18 month old son who keeps me very busy.  This summer I plan to graduate with my MBA from Florida Atlantic.  In my free time, I love to travel around the world and experience the various cultures each country has to offer.

I captured the picture of this historic Amphitheatre during my visit while I was vacationing in Rome, Italy, one of my favorite cities.  The Colosseum was constructed in 70 A.D. and is an amazing site to see.  I specifically waited until dusk to photograph the Colosseum.  This allowed it to be seen in full view with a beautiful sky as the backdrop.  I selected a location with lots of traffic, in order to capture the light trails from the cars.

This photo was taken with a Canon EOS REBEL T2i camera.  The F-stop was set to f/16 with a 30 second exposure time.  I set the ISO speed to 100 and the focal length to 18mm on my stock Canon 18-55mm lens.  Since this photo was taken with such a long shutter speed, I used my Proline by Dolcia tripod.  Furthermore, I changed my camera’s drive mode settings to the self-timer continuous for two seconds.  Making this change to the camera settings allowed me to press and release the trigger without causing any vibration while the camera’s shutter was open.  As a result, the photo was generated without any blur.

I am seldom pleased with any of the photos that I personally take; however, I was very satisfied with the few night photos I was able to capture while visiting Italy.  I took Angel’s second “Conquer Your Camera” (CYC) workshop, which was offered in June of 2011.  Angel’s “CYC” workshop was extremely helpful in developing my skills and knowledge of how to operate my camera.


Congratulations Jason and all the other CYC alumni who entered! The quality of work that was submitted was absolutely amazing! (And watch out for the next challenge in July!)