Conquer Your Camera | Alumni Challenge Volume TWO!

Hey Friends! It’s time for the 2nd Conquer Your Camera Alumni Challenge!

I’m so EXCITED to announce the next challenge exercise, which is open to all our past Conquer Your Camera workshop participants!

Participation in our first challenge was very encouraging, both in submissions and voting -so thanks!  I hope that you will all participate regardless of your current expertise or if you were able to join last time – because the heart of the challenge is three simple parts:

1.  Practice you might not do without an incentive! Use information you have learned but need to IMPLEMENT in order to KEEP.

2.  Get those creative juices flowing! Getting out of the norm is AWESOME for releasing creative energy. Even if the challenge theme doesn’t float your boat – DOITANYWAY.

3.  Learn from each other! I will choose finalists from the entries, then we will open up to voting HERE ON THE BLOG – anyone can vote including non-CYC!  (We will not vote on Facebook but I’ll give you reminders there, etc.) Once we have a winner (YES THERE WILL BE A PRIZE,) that person will also have a featured blog entry showing the settings they used, lens choice, description of the setting, etc. And we all learn (even non-alum) so everyone is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

AGP will offer a CYC Alumni Challenge every 2 months as long as everyone is enjoying it and sending submissions in.


THEME: Happiness. I had a few requests for theme this time and they didn’t really have a common thread so I thought that if I go with a feeling, you’ll have to freedom to practice and showcase anything from depth of field, to stopped motion, silhouette, people, pets, etc. Happiness can be defined a little differently by all of us and certainly there are endless ways for an image to communicate happiness so I look forward to seeing all the variations. Let’s fill this contest with joy – we can never get too much of that 🙂

HOW-TO-ENTER*: If you have taken the Conquer Your Camera workshop at any time please submit your photo (one per person) via email to I will confirm it has been received so make sure you see that confirmation. Please send high resolution without watermark. (Credit will be included for winning image post.) Please include information in your email such as: camera body, camera settings, lens choice and a summary of any post processing. (It’s okay if you edit the image but I do want to know how and would prefer no major alterations unless the theme is actually post processing.)

***I must have your submission by midnight on Sunday July 21st. This gives you roughly 12 days -plenty of time people!!***

I WILL CHOOSE SOME FINALISTS. I would like to have the option to choose however many I want here while keeping it less than 10. Finalists will be announced on the blog just a few days after the submission deadline.

VOTING: These finalists will be posted to the blog (images only) and we will provide instructions on the Facebook Page for how to vote and when the voting closes.

WINNING: The winner of this challenge will receive a $50 gift certificate to B&H Photo as well as MAJOR fame and the admiration of us all including a spotlight post on the AGP blog featuring your photograph (details above.)

So that’s the low down, please shoot me an email if you think I forgot something important!

P.S. I’m really looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Update: see all the entries and winning image here!