UCF College of Medicine } Second Look and White Coat Ceremony!

I have the privilege of working with the College of Medicine at UCF a few times a year. It started when I photographed the first ever “Second Look Event” which lead to the first ever “White Coat Ceremony.” It has been really so amazing to see the school grow over the past few years, the new buildings, the new students, the growing class size, the dream now a reality for UCF and all those who are making it happen at the College of Medicine. Can’t wait for the first graduation!!

I shot the 2011 Second Look event in the Spring but didn’t post it here so I thought I’d put up some highlights from that day first. This is a time for students who have been accepted to come take a look, get to know professors, etc.  The faculty and staff have such a passion for the school -who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to be a part of that?

I don’t take a lot of commercial work because it is not the primary focus of my business, but I always look forward to working with the College of Medicine.  They are all super nice plus it’s a fun change of pace!

More recently in the fall I shot the 2011 White Coat Ceremony. The new class arrived on their first day to receive their first white coat and enter officially into medical school. I love the sense of accomplishment and excitement that fills the air for the students and parents. I’ll post some highlights of that day after the second look.

Now for the White Coat Ceremony!

So how cool is that? Think of all they are about to learn and all the people they will help as a result!

Big thanks to the College of Medicine for the opportunity!

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