UCF College of Medicine Match Day 2013 | Commercial Photographer Orlando

I had the pleasure a few days ago of capturing the first ever Match Day for the inaugural class of the UCF College of Medicine in Orlando Florida.  Each year, thousands of medical school seniors compete for approximately 24,000 residency programs across the United States. The program matches applicants’ preferences for residency positions with program directors’ preferences for applicants. Across the country on Friday medical students held envelopes, opening them simultaneously at noon Eastern time.

But this Match Day was extra special. On this day not only did UCF COM students realize their dreams but faculty and staff watched as their own dreams came true. These pioneering men and women built a college, recruited students, raised funds partnering with generous donors to provide full scholarships for the entire first class, received accreditation, provided an amazing education and now out of that commitment to excellence – doctors were born.

I feel blessed to have watched some of this unfold.  My first time shooting for the college I photographed their original “Second Look” event. Several of these graduating students were there. While there was no beautiful building yet and no statistics to consider from previous graduates, the passion within the UCF COM faculty and staff was enough to communicate a vision to students brave enough to step into it. I’ve seen this class receive their first white coats and now their first jobs – what an experience!

You’ve got to watch the video -such a happy 3 minutes!

Match Day 2013 – Congratulations UCF COM Seniors, Faculty and Staff!