Susie’s Headshot

My friend Susie came over a few weeks ago for a quick business headshot.  She is an incredibly intelligent and talented web designer to whom I owe much of my success (pretty much all of it).  She not only helped me navigate starting a business and a web site back in the day but has maintained and evolved my site and blog over the years (she actually convinced me to start the blog in the first place.)  Susie always makes sure my sites are optimized to help you find me and always offers awesome advice and consulting.  Last but not least, she is almost done with the new site which is exactly what I wanted!  I am so excited…  I had to let you know how awesome she is and crazy beautiful too (don’t even get me started on her no-way-you-have-two-kids-body.) Not that I’m checking her out or anything.

Btw, she is super occupied with her current employment and last time she was between jobs she had to fight off the interviewers with a stick, but if you need this kind of service let me know and I’ll find out if she is available!

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