Photography for Marketing | MetLife Shoot

I enjoyed shooting advertising photography for MetLife a couple weeks ago as part of their Global Women’s Initiative and Make Life Matter campaign. A quick summary of this on their website: “Our Global Women’s Initiative (GWI) is focused on increasing the representation of women in broader leadership roles and strengthening the leadership capability of women in our talent pipeline.” This particular shoot highlighted Nicki, a lead financial advisor in Merritt Island Florida who focuses on special needs planning. Nicki enjoys her career, her family and helping others – making life matter.

For this commercial shoot, I followed a film crew for the day as they captured Nicki in various settings for a video commercial which will be used by the campaign. They needed some still photography for the marketing materials, including the various scenes but also head shots and family portraits. Nicki and her family were a breeze to work with and I’m looking forward to seeing all the finished materials from MetLife coming soon!

Click here for more information on careers with MetLife.

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