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Moultrie Montessori School | Saint Augustine Commercial Photography

I had the privilege of capturing these images last week for Moultrie Montessori School in Saint Augustine. The private school is updating their website and marketing materials and I was happy to be a part of that. My daughter Mary is a 5th grader at MMS and we have really enjoyed being there this year. Montessori was all new to us last August and let me tell you, there was a major learning curve for a mom who waited until she had a fifth grader to try it out! I did all my research but still needed to actually experience it before I had a good understanding. I thought Mary might really benefit from an environment like this and she definitely has. She LOVES having educational options and moving at her own pace, unhindered by a grade level or a standardized test. She LOVES working together with her classmates as well as helping the younger children and going solo when she wants to. There’s also a lot of creative freedom which is right up her alley! And, you would not believe how well mannered and kind these kids are. They are learning how to be good people, not just smart people. How awesome is that?

I was talking to Miss Jeannie last week about how amazing it is watching all three age groups of children operate happily and peacefully throughout their day of learning with what looks like tons of freedom, but no chaos. She reminded me that while they do have options, they are definitely not free of requirements, rules or order (a common misconception about Montessori.) I was thinking on the way home how it must actually require much MORE structure (and wise teaching) to achieve this amazing educational environment than to have a classroom where kids are seated most of the day.

So, if you’re looking for a safe place where your child will develop a life-long LOVE of learning and discovery, this is it. If you’d like your son or daughter to have a deeper understanding of what they learn, this is it. If you want something different for your child, a peaceful environment where practical skills are developed alongside academic, this is it. And, if you’re looking for a school where conduct is as important as content, you’ve found it.

Between my three children, I’ve experienced public school, Christian private school, Christian classical school, Classical homeschooling and Montessori. I’ve loved each one in different ways (for different children) and although I’m definitely no expert, I feel so lucky to have this vantage point.

I’m going to show the images in three groups with the oldest children first, the younger children next and the preschool last. I didn’t have to stage anything here, I could have kept shooting all day long, there was so much to capture!

AGP16_MoulMont_-7 AGP16_MoulMont_-56 AGP16_MoulMont_-4 AGP16_MoulMont_-1 AGP16_MoulMont_-8 AGP16_MoulMont_-62 AGP16_MoulMont_-9 AGP16_MoulMont_-12 AGP16_MoulMont_-23 AGP16_MoulMont_-24

I love this map activity. They each get a turn in the circle to pick up a country and call out it’s name. Then when the puzzle is empty they do the same thing in reverse. They never missed a beat, impressive!

AGP16_MoulMont_-25 AGP16_MoulMont_-28 AGP16_MoulMont_-30 AGP16_MoulMont_-32 AGP16_MoulMont_-84 AGP16_MoulMont_-86 AGP16_MoulMont_-89 AGP16_MoulMont_-19 AGP16_MoulMont_-22 AGP16_MoulMont_-50 AGP16_MoulMont_-52 AGP16_MoulMont_-65 AGP16_MoulMont_-69 AGP16_MoulMont_-71 AGP16_MoulMont_-73 AGP16_MoulMont_-76 AGP16_MoulMont_-92 AGP16_MoulMont_-79 AGP16_MoulMont_-80 AGP16_MoulMont_-49 AGP16_MoulMont_-46 AGP16_MoulMont_-36 AGP16_MoulMont_-42 AGP16_MoulMont_-37 AGP16_MoulMont_-81 AGP16_MoulMont_-87

To learn more about Moultri Montessori School click here or call  904-794-4185.

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