Modern Business Headshots } Zies Widerman and Malek – attorneys at law

I worked with attorneys Zies Widerman and Malek last week to update headshots for all six of them as well as some footage around the office for use on their website and other marketing materials. I offer this service to commercial clients who are looking for something more than just a flat business portrait on a grey backdrop.  Professionals who are in the midst of creating or revising a website and marketing materials will find that going the extra mile with photography will make a big difference.  I think our generation has made a shift away from business portraits that come across distinguished to the point of eliminating personality to a desire for portraits that communicate who we really are, the less intimidating version.

You may have seen other professional headshots on my website captured in the studio which is typically the case unless clients choose a package including  location work.  I really don’t take on lots of commercial clients because my portrait and wedding work takes up nearly all my time, but once in a while I enjoy the change of pace! This group seems to have great relationships with each other which I’m sure translates to their clients. You’ll see from the office shots that they represent lots of interests including sports and family life.  It was especially fun to discover that Mark Malek grew up really close to my husband’s hometown in NY and they are both huge Jets fans!

The attorneys at ZW&M represent clients in the areas of Litigation, Land Use, Real Estate Transactions, Corporate and Business Law, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Estate Planning, Probate, and Bankruptcy. I had read about this firm previously in Space Coast Business Magazine, particularly regarding the patent work they’ve done.  A quick look at their website will also reveal the host of community organizations the group supports both collectively and individually. Their offices are now located right next to the Melbourne Mall on 192.

This one cracks me up. I haven’t seen The Apprentice in at least five years but isn’t this such a “You’re fired!” moment?

I promise no attorneys were harmed or fired in the making of this photograph. We ventured out after this for group and individual portraits…

These guys are the actual Zies, Widerman and Malek – but not in that order!

I’m going to have to come back to this guy later- ladies how cute is he? And single…

J-E-T-S ….. JETS     JETS    JETS!!

Yeah I had to come back to Scott because he reminds me of my little brother, looks about the same age and seems to be as sweet.  And they are both single! (I know I’ve already mentioned that part about Devon but really my kids need more cousins.)

I remember he said he doesn’t like wearing sunglasses because everything gets too dark. He’s from Ohio so maybe that will change with time right?  Hey ladies one of you should snatch him up!

Side Notes: Hope everyone’s having a great weekend, I’m taking the kids out to the stadium tomorrow for the Art of Sand event! Remember when Sandsational was featured here on the blog? Can’t wait to see their work in person!

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