Modern Business Headshots Melbourne FL } Chad Colbert Financial Advisor!

I met with Chad at his office in Viera to update his headshots.  We’ve been talking about this for a while since I’ve been photographing his family for the last couple years, so it was great to finally get it on the calendar and especially great to see the results! I had in mind something sophisticated, without backdrop, using indoor lighting.  I had only been to the office once or twice before so I didn’t know until I arrived if all the elements I was hoping for would be available. But they were and I am super happy with the results.  I prefer this so much over stiff backdrop headshots (duh) but also over the more modern high key background (bright white).  I just like that it is more real, more substantial I think.

Chad is an excellent choice for all your financial planning needs. He will work with you to set goals and give you a plan to move forward towards them. He’s got a super cute family too!

I have Morgan and Gabe’s wedding and Chris and Jennifer’s engagement coming up here soon!

We’ll see how much I can accomplish while also cooking for Thanksgiving!

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