Fashion Fun Shoot | Amy in the Studio

It gives your creativity a kick in the butt to get out of your comfort zone. This can work within your job, doing something outside your specialty sometimes (my shoot with Amy below for example) or really it works in every aspect of life. If you normally run, try riding a bike instead. If you normally eat cereal for breakfast, bust out some yogurt. If you absolutely love the movies try a silent or foreign film next time. It’s amazing how this works!  In my work, shooting something different is great but I like to make sure I still photograph mostly my specialty.  So we had a good time when Amy came into the studio for a fun fashion session – no special occasion!  Ahhhhh that’s another thing…. For a photographer to shoot something when the pressure is not quite as high allows a bit more room for taking chances – as in we could totally reshoot this if Amy hated it –since it’s not a special occasion.  I am definitely not suggesting that this series is so amazing it will knock your socks off with the taking chances-ness of it all or that I would have been okay with Amy hating it…  just simply good to get out of *my* box a little. We also edited these differently than my typically preferred style. Since they are a bit more editorial we gave them a little artsy flair.



Thanks so much Amy for putting your trust in me, even outside of my norm! hugs!