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Occasionally I shoot business head shots for professionals who want to update their marketing materials, web site, resume, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media outlets. It’s important to keep those images current for two reasons.  First, it’s not cool if people think you’re twenty years younger than you are (or maybe it is until you meet in person?) Second, you don’t want the face of your business image (you) looking like a mug shot or even worse a JCPenney blue backdrop (no offense to JCP, love that you have Sephora now.)

If you care about quality and take pride in your work, make sure your first impression conveys that message as well. Having a great photo shows that you took the time and invested in your headshot. You also want your photograph to be inviting. It should communicate your strengths and abilities while keeping you approachable and friendly.

Here are some examples from our Headshots Day at the studio earlier this month when we offered unique “extra-mini” sessions to a handful of local professionals.  Also included are a few examples from a recent on-location headshots session. All of these samples are final images chosen by the clients.

And hey, if you know these guys make sure you leave a note for them in the comments – it’s not easy being in front of the camera all by yourself and they did an awesome job!


Alex Rudloff (above) was nominated as one of Brevards “4 under 40” -the next generation of leaders who are helping guide Brevard County forward in positive ways.  You can learn more about Alex here:

Website       or       LinkedIn

David Africano (above) is VP of Government Services IT at CHS Inc. Find him on


Jordan Kramer, pictured above, owns a local law firm specializing in criminal defense:

Jordan H. Kramer, PA    Website     321.254.3455


Tracee Moecker actually had her headshots taken on a different day but I hadn’t really posted info to the blog yet so thought I’d include her here:

President, Firm Options Inc.   321.729.0015     Website     LinkedIn     Facebook


Bridget and Carolyn are Coastal Estate Team Realtors. Seriously these ladies are busy with closings every time I talk to them.  I love how their headshots really communicate their brand.

Coastal Estate Team – Twice the Excellence       Blog         Website

Carolyn Smith: 321 271 0870        Bridget Sentz:  321 537 5720