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Having a professional headshot that truly represents your brand and communicates WHO you are, is so important in a world driven by images. Sometimes I come across a headshot for someone I consider to be a “pretty big deal” and I’m shocked by the low quality of the image, but more so by the fact that they are intentionally using it. Unfortunately, it makes me second guess my former impression. The places I most often encounter this are of course social media, but more specifically it’s usually a podcast, a book cover, a marketing piece or an advertisement. As a business headshot photographer in St. Augustine, Melbourne, and the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra area, I enjoy providing people with photography that will speak volumes, whether it’s a headshot, brand, event or website photography.

Business portraits are not one size fits all. It’s important to consider your brand and your target audience. You may need a studio look, which incorporates a backdrop with studio lighting. This style is especially useful for an entire staff who will benefit by having some uniformity to the images. You might want to have your team photographed this way, but also leave some room for individuality in the posing. A modern take on the studio headshot can be slightly more eye-catching than the traditional posing and will reach a younger audience. Leaving the formal backdrop aside and choosing a natural setting (even your own office for the background) can produce a unique image that stands out from the rest and is a perfect choice for individuals or smaller groups.

I’ll include a few examples below, and you can reference this post or anything in the commercial category of the blog for more ideas. Once you’ve booked your session, be sure to check out my tips for a great business headshot!

These first few natural setting business headshots were taken in Ponte Vedra for a team of financial advisors. The style is clean and classic, but not too formal.

business headshotfemale headshotbusiness headshot

This next example also displays a natural backdrop (but outdoors this time) and is photographed landscape (horizontally) for a more modern style. This was shot in St. Augustine for a CPA firm specializing in CFO services and government accounting.

Corporate Headshot

The studio example below represents a more traditional business headshot, brought up to date with a slate gray background.

traditional business headshot

Finally, I was experimenting with a more modern or edgy studio headshot when I captured this portrait (my husband standing in as a model for me!) I think for the right person, this custom style could be a perfect fit.

modern business headshot

If you read this far, you must be ready to update your headshot and impress your audience!