Triplets Photography Melbourne FL } 3 babies, 8 months old!

Oh my goodness I am amazed by this family! Isn’t it fascinating to imagine life with triplets?! I’m not saying I want to sign up or anything – it’s obviously hard work that could quite possibly make me coo coo for cocoa puffs – but amazing nonetheless! Even during the 4 month session with these three babies, their individual personalities were obvious so watching them interact with each other at 8 months was even more entertaining! I might have mentioned in the 4 month post but when this family first contacted me looking for professional photography of their triplets, I was a little scared! One baby is a challenge to photograph so three could be a disaster right?!  Well as it turns out, photographing three requires a bit more precision as far as timing goes (we are still working within the same happy baby time frame that I work with for a single baby) but for the most part it is simply a different experience rather than three times the difficulty level. I love it actually; maybe because I typically enjoy a challenge, maybe because I love to capture their unique personalities and their uncommon life, maybe because the family is so sweet they make it easy!

Big thanks to the Scarpate family for trusting me to photograph this amazing time in their lives – it’s super fun!

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