The Rutherford’s

Before I meet a new client for a session I usually do a quick scan of all our emails to get a good handle on everything we have discussed and just a general feeling of the people I’m about to finally meet (assuming we haven’t met before.) When I did my search for emails from the Rutherford family, I realized they went back to before Bradyn was born and he is now 6mths old! I was reminded that due to his mom’s bed rest and his early arrival, things were put on hold. I was reminded that to his mommy he is a miracle baby -and that just got me excited. We met in Melbourne Beach and got in some time with the grandparents (they are sooo googly eyed over Bradyn but then who wouldn’t be and seriously you can’t call yourself a grandparent is you aren’t -seriously, it is a basic requirement.) So… the highlights…


Will I ever get enough of baby feet? No. Will you get sick of seeing them on the blog? I don’t care. I love them with the kind of unconditional love that doesn’t even mind if they are stinky. In fact, I can admit that I even enjoy the stink of my two year old’s sweaty “pigs” (as we fondly call the conventional “piggies.”) There is a certain age, around 5-7 years for me, that these sweet things become less appealing but will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank God I will be getting some niece and nephew pigs to enjoy by the time mine are all grown up. And then there is always your kids but I feel like kissing their feet is probably crossing the line in our relationship, so I refrain.


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