The O’Bryant Children

My good friend brought her children over to Melbourne from the Bradenton, Fl area for some photography and hang out time. We decided to trade services and she will be redecorating our little camper (yes the one which recently crushed Dana’s finger,) with new curtains and cushion covers. I’m so excited for it to look festive and cute the next time we go camping! I first met Theresa when I lived in St. Augustine, became better friends when I lived in Clearwater (and she moved to St. Petersburg) and now we stay in touch but live across the state, so the occasional visit is lots of fun. She wanted to have an outdoor session for the three kids together but also an indoor, studio session for baby Caitlin who turned one during their visit here. You can’t tell at all that Theresa started with two boys and is now unleashing every ounce of girly foo foo she’s got onto little Cait. The blog entry on that session is coming next…. hold on to your tutu and yes there will be some serious hair accessories.

look at these cute bros…

1,2,3… play in the dirt!

She ditched the bow and the dress for some hang out time with her brothers…

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