Studio Session Baby Photographer Melbourne FL } Baby Alexander is 4mths!

Baby Alexander -whose newborn session I hope you didn’t miss and if you did you must look back at it RIGHT NOW- came into the studio for his 4mth old session and yep, he’s still adorable.  Check that one off the list. Is he ready for the Masters?  Almost… Since Alexander is part of the AGP baby plan, he’ll have another session at 8mths (just watch, he will have perfected the sitting up thing and possibly even the crawling thing) and again at one year at which point he may be applying to college thanks to how crazy smart his parents are!

As his parents already know because they have two older boys, they will blink their eyes and he’ll be three years old. Again and he’ll be entering kindergarten. If you are a parent of young children don’t you hear it all the time? At the grocery store from the retiree’s in front of us in line, at the post office, from the financial planner who warns us to start planning for college as soon as the test is positive…  Even as tired as the phrase might be, they really do grow up so fast.  Warp speed.  My “baby” is potty training this week. We are having major celebrations over poopy in the potty. Seriously. My eight year old changed so much this year that he feels totally different when I hug him. Like a BOY and not a child. And my Mary, she’s so grown up at 6 that the training wheels are off, she fixes her own hair and tells me which shoes to wear.  It really does feel like yesterday that I held my newborn babies and thought we’d stay in that baby phase forever. Today Mary and Logan stood in front of me arguing about something, each of them pleading their case about… something. I had this flashback.  They were 1 and 2.5… We lived in Clearwater and Mary had tiny pigtails sticking straight up off her head. Logan was teaching her to walk by holding her hands and walking backward with her through the living room.  In that moment, even with them arguing, I considered how special each phase has been. Yesterday Mary helped Davis use the potty and cheered him on when he succeeded.  Today Logan read the bed time story while they waited for me to read the devotional. Every step in the journey is amazing, it’s just remembering to capture them that is so important.  (And earplugs help sometimes too because I’m not going to lie, there are some moments that I can do without!)

Love these!!

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