Space Coast Baby Photographer } Newborn Peter!

I met this sweet baby for his newborn photographs almost two weeks ago at his home in Satellite Beach. What a peanut! He has this perfect hair – it looks like it’s been cut but it hasn’t! He’s just perfection all around really. He was extra alert for a one week old so this provided unique challenges but he can’t help it if he’s advanced right? Peter’s mom and dad preferred more photojournalism and a slightly more simple portrait approach which will make this a great example for those of you on the fence about how to approach newborn photography. I always suggest either formal portraits and props or a journalistic approach. 50/50 doesn’t really work but sometimes you can get an 80/20 mix like you see here. That might not make sense so forgive me and just email over any questions 🙂 I got to hold this little guy today and it was a pleasure to say the least. What a sweet bundle. Mom and dad are great too, I think Kathryn started sending me referrals before she became a client!  Which reminds me Kathryn, you might want to pick up some referral cards!

I am a huge Seuss Fan and loved this nursery and Peter’s mom and dad’s idea to incorporate this little sign. In our family we read Dr. Seuss “Happy Birthday To You” on EVERY birthday. It is a super fun tradition that I highly recommend.  Also, I’ve seen people have this book out at first birthday parties as a guest book for signing. Super cute. My favorite part is quite random, but when the birthday pets all line up so that he can pick the biggest of all for his present, the birthday bird says this: “I’ll have him shipped home to you, Birthday Express. That costs quite a lot but I couldn’t care less. Today is your birthday! Today you are you! So what if it costs me a thousand or two.”

Again, I admit it’s random, but it’s my favorite part.

I love baby bums. Kathryn told me the dutch word for this and now I can’t remember so I’ll look it up… Okay that didn’t result in the correct search results so share it again in the comments pretty please Kathryn it was so cute!

Love this, all moms in the universe know this feeling right? If only we could bottle it.

This mushroom is a family heirloom of sorts, recovered and ready for photos -loved it. I love all things red. The green and blue didn’t hurt either.

Something about this moment I adore, can’t put my finger on it.

A favorite of mine, but I’m always a sucker for sleeping babies!

One of my favorite parts of the nursery were the saved items like this dinosaur that once belonged to Peter’s dad. A big thank you to all parents who save some things. “Some” being the key word there of course since the amount of things my mom has saved is slightly nuts… But it was certainly fun to dress my daughter up in some of the things I wore as an infant and even now she has one of my nightgowns that I wore as a child her age. Not sure how those things last but my mom’s cedar chest is actually some kind of black hole so it’s all a mystery!

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